About me - An attempt

For me, life is about healing. Life is an ongoing process of healing. Sometimes, over the course of many lives. So it is both ugly and beautiful. Former dancer, a filmmaker and a product developer. Or: an artist, a researcher and a modern mystic. I love jazz, for example. As well as Prince. I wish I had once meditated with Alice and John Coltrane in the same room. Prince was my first experience of what I felt was an almost flawless fusion of music, style, physicality and gender ambiguity - and he defined everything I would like to listen to in the future. My first female film role models? Maya Deren and Trinh T. Minh-ha. If I had to pick a genre? Science fiction. Because of the potential of the power of imagination, abstraction and utopia - Samuel R. Delany, Stanislaw Lem, Octavia E. Butler, Philip K. Dick. For me, nature is even more important, that is where everything is. The intelligence of plant life is phenomenal. I feel that all the knowledge of the universe is contained in the plants. In herbs. In fruit. Because we also carry the entire universe within us, it heals us - Synergy. Animals are embodied angels. Not literally. Angels are, of course, their own species. The divinity within us, that's what it's about. The highest goal: becoming one with it. The golden way there: meditation - and it can take many forms. Until we get there, we're in a constant state of becoming. But really, the becoming never ends. The other thing that is important: compassion. Intuition. Perhaps also spiritual activism - when the healing of this world happens through the raising of our consciousness. I also appreciate contrasts of an aesthetic and biographical nature. Because every mentor has a story. Quite often an unattractive one. Before s/he became light.

So far: everything mentioned is not a suggestive indicative. Finally: personality is a construct. A random collage, just like this text here.
"I AM THAT - The real does not die, the unreal never lived." (Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj)